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The Clear Creek Community Council of PTAs (CCCC of PTAs) serves 45 Local PTA/PTSA Units located in the Clear Creek and Dickinson Independent School Districts. Our Council was chartered in May 1950 and is proud of its rich history of serving these communities.

CCCC of PTAs is a large council organized by authorization of the Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers for the purposes of promoting leadership training, providing resources, and coordinating the efforts of the Local PTA/PTSAs in its membership. We develop our programs and define our projects to fit the needs of our communities.

Council acts as a communications channel by relaying valuable information, instruction, and news from state and National PTA to the membership. We alert our local units to state and national plans, helping them translate these plans into programs and projects that serve their community. Member units work together for children and youth, address problems in their schools and neighborhoods, support teachers, volunteer in schools, attend workshops, and become informed on issues regarding children that may be brought before the state legislature.

The members of Council are the PTAs, not the PTA members. Each local unit is represented at Council by its president, principal, and three delegates selected by the local PTA. These are the voting members at Council for your local unit. Council hosts meetings throughout the school year with Local Unit Presidents and the regular Council membership to disseminate information and give members an opportunity for discussion. Regular Council membership meetings are not exclusive to the voting members, non-voting PTA leaders are welcome and encouraged to attend as well.

An All-in-One PTA Google Calendar comprised of National, State, Council, and Local PTA events is provided for the benefit of our local leaders and their school community. To subscribe to the calendar for real-time updates and information on all things PTA, select the +GoogleCalendar button located in the bottom right corner. You will then be directed to the Google Calendar page for quick and easy setup.

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