Founder's Day is a perfect time to renew dedication to the Purposes of the PTA that were defined by PTA's Founders more than a century ago. Each year in February, PTA honors the three founders as well as past and present PTA leaders. Through special programs and events, PTA also attempts to increase the awareness of its members and the community by highlighting achievements, activities, projects and goals.

Each year, Clear Creek Community Council of PTAs organizes a Founders Day event to celebrate our legacy, success and power as a leading voice speaking for all children. Held traditionally in February, this event is designed to raise awareness of PTA’s achievements in three key ways.

1. Founder's Day activities promote an understanding of the shared vision and legacy of our founders – Alice Birney, Phoebe Hearst and Selena Butler. As engaged parents and children’s advocates over 100 years ago, their efforts saw lasting improvements in the education, health and well-being of children that resonate today.
2. How PTA enriches a community is highlighted as a central part of a Founders Day celebration at a school site. Share your unit’s goals, achievements and activities to showcase the impact and value of PTA in your school community.
3. Founders Day provides an opportunity to recognize your hard-working volunteers and community partners for their outstanding service to children. Say thank you to these special individuals by presenting Extended Service Awards or Honorary Life Membership Awards to acknowledge their time, effort and dedication as volunteers. 

Questions or comments concerning our upcoming Founders Day event, contact council hospitality chairperson, Jeni Otte.

Founder's Day

Founder's Dinner