bullhorn on chalkboard

Rally Day 101

“What is Rally Day, and why do I keep hearing about this thing?” 

Rally Day is held every other year when our Texas Legislature is in session. Rally Day is the one day when we gather at the steps of the Texas State Capitol in mass to make our voices heard. Our collective raised voices have produced proven change in the funding and laws that guide our public education system through the years in the State of Texas. This year, we will be advocating for issues as diverse as school funding to implementing a ban on powdered alcohol. (More on the issues to come in future newsletter releases)

“Why are we trying so hard to get 50 CCCC members to the event?” 

The simple answer is we can’t afford not to! Texas PTA is the most effective advocacy group affecting change at the legislative level. This year is a particularly important year for us to advocate on behalf of our students and their futures. The Texas House and Senate will make precedential decisions about School Funding, Charter Schools, and Education Savings Accounts (aka vouchers) to name a few. In addition, Texas PTA has charged us to have 1,000 in attendance on February 27, 2017. 
#1K4RALLYDAY, there is strength in numbers!

“How can I afford this event?”

Your PTA budget should include a line item called “Advocacy” with approximately $75 allocated for each person that you plan to send to Austin. We will do all we can to keep the costs down. Even as a local PTA, Advocacy should be a top priority and one of the main items driving your organization. According to your mission statement, Advocacy and Family Engagement should drive all you do. Yes, that means advocacy is more important to your body than fundraisers, teacher appreciation and carnivals combined.

“What’s in it for me and my students?”

Absolutely everything, given that your child’s future depends on the decisions made this year and in years to come by our Texas Legislature. Along with the Texas Education Agency and your school district, the very content of your child’s education is changed based on decisions made at this level of government. The future of public education in the State of Texas is “what’s in it for you”. Do this for your child and the 5 million other students in the State of Texas!
Questions or comments, please contact Jennifer Broddle, 4th VP Advocacy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.