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Arts in Education

Texas PTA


National PTA

  • Ensure that your PTA is supporting access to the arts, year-round, by identifying monthly arts-related activities.
  • Develop a plan to promote the Reflections program and recognize eligible, participating students.
  • Ensure your PTA attains Active Status with Texas PTA by October 31 each year to be eligible for state-level Reflections judging.
  • Promote cultural events in the community and surrounding areas.
  • Network with PTA Arts in Education Leaders in your community to collaborate on common goals.

​​A well-rounded education includes the arts (music, dance, theater, visual arts, literature, film). The arts encourage creativity, innovation, and self-confidence—essential skills for a 21st century workforce. The arts have been shown to reach students that do not learn well through traditional methods, sparking an interest in learning and academic achievement. Increased school attendance, civic engagement, and decrease anti-social behaviors have all been linked to arts education. In fact, children who participate in the arts win much more than competitions. They...

Outperform their peers on the SAT

Show more empathy towards others
Attend school more frequently
Are more likely to graduate from college
Show significantly greater creative thinking skills
Are better team players
Have higher high school graduation rates

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