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Communication is the key to your PTA's success. If your group is not communicating all the good work it is doing, chances are it is struggling to find support at every turn. 

As the communications chairperson it is your job to publicize the work of your PTA/PTSA through multiple channels. These outlets often include a PTA/PTSA website, social media channels, digital and/or print newsletter, advertising and marketing materials, and the media.

PTA communications can be perplexing, even for those with a background in communications. For this reason, PTAs will often split the duties of the communications department into two or more chair positions to avoid overwhelming volunteers. The following resources will help you get started and if you have any questions along the way please email us.

Resources and Training:

Marketing Materials

Back the Future Marketing Tools 
Create a customized PTA/PTSA logo

Samples and Templates

• Sample Boilerplate
• Sample Email message to members midyear
• Sample Photo Release Form at Events
• Sample Newsletter Brief - program announcement
• Media Advisory
   - Family Engagement
   - PTA Reflections
• Press Release
   - Events
   - Family Engagement
   - PTA Reflections

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