Amiee Stiggins

Principles of Parliamentary Law

• justice and courtesy to all;
• rights of the minority protected;
• rule of the majority reflected;
• partiality to none;
• consideration of one subject at a time.

The bylaws are specific rules by which the unit is governed and they supersede any general rule of parliamentary law with which they may be in conflict. They are the “Articles of Organization.” They may not be suspended, even by a unanimous vote. Any action contrary to the unit’s bylaws is null and void and should be so stated when discovered.

The bylaws of the unit, council, State and National PTA state that Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority. For help in understanding or interpreting Robert’s Rules or the bylaws, contact the Clear Creek Community Council of PTAs Parliamentarian.

The parliamentarian is an officer usually appointed by the president, subject to ratification by the executive board. A parliamentarian “pro tem” should be appointed in the absence of the parliamentarian. “Pro tem” means “for this time only.”