• Form a Membership Committee
  • Attend available training and workshops.

  • Prepare a Plan of Work and present it to the executive board for approval.

  • Develop a calendar - Membership is year-round.

  • Recruit members

     - Learn about the Back the Future membership theme and incorporate it into your recruitment campaign.

     - Use the Growth Plan Worksheet to set a membership goal.
     - Decide on a method for recruiting membership - Who? When? Where? How?
     - Educate - Publicize the benefits of belonging to the Local, Texas and National PTAs.

  • Use membership forms(instructions) and keep records of members

  • Report and Remit - Send the membership list and dues to the Texas PTA Office once a week.

  • Care for your members - Distribute membership cards and welcome, communicate, and work with other committees to involve an active and interested membership.

  • Membership Recognition and Awards should be applied for all year. 

  • Keep a procedure book and pass it on to your successor.

Duties at a Glance:

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Role of the Board:

PTA is a membership association. People join to show support of the work you do locally and the work we do collectively to help children, families, and schools. Imagine how strong your community would be if every parent, every community member, and every business leader got involved in PTA!
Attracting new members and retaining existing members are among the most important duties of a PTA. A strong membership is essential if PTA is to be a force in decisions involving the welfare and education of children. Your active leadership will help create strong programs in your school community and a strong commitment among your members.

Before you begin your membership effort, it is important that you take a close look at your attitude toward PTA. Are you excited about asking your nextdoor neighbor to join or do you feel embarrassed? Are you enthusiastic about asking your faculty members to join or do you feel apologetic? You never need to apologize or feel embarrassed about asking someone to join PTA. When you invite someone to join, you are providing the opportunity to join the largest child advocacy organization in the world. Enthusiasm is your most important asset - it is contagious!

  • Submit members and dues to Texas PTA at least monthly.
  • Ensure your Local PTA meets all requirements of the Standards of Continuing Affiliation.

  • Recruit new members throughout the year with the goal of recruiting one member for every student on your campus - A Voice for Every Child!

  • Engage school administration and faculty in supporting your PTA through membership.

  • Reach out to all families, new and returning, to become a member of your PTA.

  • Share the importance of PTA and publicize the vision, mission, priorities, and benefits of membership.

  • Promote Member Programs available exclusively to PTA campuses and their members.

  • Distribute membership cards to all members and request additional cards as needed.

  • Thank your members for supporting PTA and recognize outstanding contributions with Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership or Extended Service Awards.

  • Celebrate your successes at membership and board meetings, through social media, and by receiving Texas PTA Membership Awards.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Resources and Training:

​While a membership chair and the membership committee are charged with developing recruitment and retention strategies, membership is the responsibility of the entire board. Without members, there is no PTA, and without the support of the entire board, membership plans and committees will not succeed. The entire board should play an active role in membership campaigns and strategies.Type your paragraph here.