Field Service Representative

Monica Pipes

Field Service Representative

As state committee members, Field Service Representatives ("FSRs") are appointed by the Texas PTA President to be the voice of Texas PTA with Council and Local PTAs and serve a two year term.

FSRs are expected to:

  • Serve as a Texas PTA Committee,
  • Serve as an ambassador for Texas PTA in the field,
  • Provide feedback to Texas PTA from Local and Council PTAs,
  • Support Local and Council PTA leaders, and
  • Cultivate leadership.

FSRs working with Council PTAs:

  • The FSR and the council leader(s) meet regularly to discuss how they will work together to achieve the goals of National, Texas, Council and Local PTAs in our communities.
  • The FSR should be the first person a council leader contacts when support is needed.

FSRs working with Local PTAs:

  • Only FSRs can organize a Local PTA
  • The FSR may contact local leaders to offer support.
  • Local leaders may contact a FSR with support requests