Local PTA Retention Plan (initiated when a Local PTA does not maintain Good Standing)

Good Standing

Local PTAs must comply with all of the following standards to remain in Good Standing with Texas PTA. Local PTAs that do not maintain Good Standing will be subject to a Local PTA Retention Plan as described below.

  • Maintain Active Status with Texas PTA.
    • Remit to Texas PTA state/national membership dues for at least 20 members.
    • Submit to Texas PTA the name and contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address) of at least one current board member, preferably the President. 
  • Report all additional members and remit all state/national dues to Texas PTA each year.
  • Submit to Texas PTA the name and contact information for all additional executive board members within 15 days of election or appointment. Officer Intake
  • Review Local PTA bylaws (and standing rules, if applicable) every three years and submit to Texas PTA for approval.
  • Each year, within 60 days of fiscal year-end, electronically file and have accepted by the IRS the “Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax”.  Click here to see if you are eligible to file the 990N.

Notification: Texas PTA will notify the PTA of the action(s) required to attain Good Standing. The PTA will have 30 days, from the notification date, to meet all Good Standing requirements and avoid moving into the Restriction Phase.*

Restriction: While in the Restriction Phase, the PTA is not eligible for awards, programs or grants administered by Texas PTA or National PTA. The PTA will have 30 additional days to meet all requirements and avoid moving into the Restructure Phase.

Restructure: For PTAs that do not attain Good Standing following the Notification and Restriction Phases, Texas PTA may begin the process of restructuring the leadership or revoking the charter of the PTA. A PTA that signs an Action Plan may temporarily move into Intervention giving them time to resolve any outstanding issues. The PTA will continue to be ineligible for awards, programs and grants administered by Texas PTA and National PTA until Good Standing is achieved. 

Intervention: Once in the Intervention Phase, Texas PTA will assign a Support Team to assist the PTA. If all requirements of the Action Plan are not resolved by the agred upon date, the PTA will be moved back into Restructure. *With cause, Texas PTA may place a Local PTA that has not met all Good Standing Requirements into the Intervention Phase early.

  • Active Status is used to determine eligibility in many Texas PTA programs and services. Please reference specific program eligibility requirements to ensure your PTAs participation.
  • PTAs submit executive board member information to Texas PTA electronically via the Texas PTA website.
  • Bylaws are submitted via the Bylaws Submission Form found on the Texas PTA website.
  • Proof of filing and acceptance is the Exempt Organization Business Master File issued regularly by the IRS.

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