• Texas PTA BASICS: President's Training Webinar

Lisa Polansky





Thank you for volunteering your time to lead your PTA/PTSA. You are in an incredible position to help kids and families succeed! We welcome you to the PTA family.

As a PTA leader, you will focus your community on the needs of your members and their children. Your leadership will motivate volunteers and persuade local decision makers. You and your team will communicate with teachers and administrators, collaborate with community partners and associations, raise funds and awareness, provide much-needed programs for students and families, encourage reading and the arts, and much, much more. Because you are a part of PTA leadership, you become a part of the rich history of PTA, an association with more than 117 years of experience helping children succeed.

Because of you and your fellow PTA members, the school and children of your community will be more successful. Once again, welcome to PTA.

If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the school year, please feel free to contact the Council President.


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