The Council PTA/PTSA delegate has an essential and very important role in PTA. Each delegate has the responsibility to:

  • Attend all Council PTA regular meetings or see that a duly elected or appointed alternate is able to attend.
  • Attend all meetings of the Local PTA.
  • Represent the Local PTA as a voting member of the Council PTA body.
  • Participate fully in Council PTA discussions and deliberations. Each delegate (or alternate) is entitled to make motions, debate and vote at each Council PTA meeting
  • Maintain a procedure book.
  • Take careful notes of announcements and the program at the Council PTA meeting. 
  • Report announcements, important actions and the Council PTA program to the Local PTA/PTSA members and/or its executive board.
  • Place announcements of Council PTA activities in the Local PTA's bulletin or newsletter.
  • Seek information or approval from the Local PTA members on matters referred to the Local PTA for such approval or information, and be ready to report or vote accordingly at the Council PTA meeting.
  • Notify Local PTA/PTSA board members of the next Council PTA meeting and urge them to attend as well.

NOTE: Members of the Council PTA executive board do not count in establishing a quorum for Council PTA meetings.

Delegate Meetings:

September 6th

9:30am Delegate Meeting @ Challenger-Columbia - Back the Future Rally
November 8th

8:45am Presidents’ Meeting
9:30am Delegates’ Meeting
January 17th

8:45am Presidents’ Meeting
9:30am Delegates’ Meeting

March 6th

8:45am Presidents’ Meeting
9:30am Delegates’ Meeting – Election Meeting
May 8th

8:45am Presidents’ Meeting
9:30am Delegates’ Meeting

Council Delegate


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