Student Leaders

Who are PTA/PTSA’s student leaders?
Students who are committed to improving their school. 

Why should I join PTA/PTSA?

PTA/PTSA membership gets you a seat at the table with school decision-makers:

  • Parents
  • School leaders 
  • Community members 

At all levels, but especially the secondary grade level – student voices must inform that conversation as equal members with an equal vote. That’s why you should add PTA/PTSA to your student leadership resume. You will gain experience in leadership, advocacy, public speaking, teamwork, event planning – all while improving your school. 

In many places, PTA/PTSA student leaders earn community service hours for their contributions to the organization. Find out if that is possible through your PTA/PTSA.  

How do I join? 

It’s easy! Here are the steps:

  • Contact your PTA/PTSA President or Board to share why you want to help support student success and how you would engage your peers in improving your school. 
  • Ask what your PTA/PTSA is planning for the year and decide with other PTA/PTSA leaders where student perspectives and leadership are important. Help to survey students and make recommendations to inform key decisions.
  • Get connected to other PTA/PTSA student leaders nationwide

How does National PTA support PTA/PTSA student leaders? 

In the months ahead, the National PTA and its Youth Involvement Committee will roll out a number of strategies to support your efforts.

  • Recruitment tools to engage new PTA/PTSA student leaders
  • Leadership events, such as PTA/PTSA Youth Summits across the country
  • Programs for PTA/PTSA student leaders, such as Connect for Respect 
  • Advocacy alerts on issues that affect your education – now, and in the future